The Hero Archetype in culture


Its a well known fact that we as human beings have archetypal ideas deeply ingrained In our subconscious psyche. This means we resonate with certain stories and the manner in which they unfold. Why else would movies make millions if not billions of dollars at the box office if there wasn’t such a deeply human and universal appeal to them. Once you understand the idea that we are all connected by similar ideas we pass down from generation to generation, The world of engagement makes a little more sense than it may have previously.

The hero’s myth is when a person is led right up until the jaws of death and destruction and creates useful order out of his willingness to risk it all. Its one of the stories we resonate with the most. Its the story of a man reaching beyond him or herself and putting the well being of others before his own in order to create a better world better protected against the claws of evil. Its one that moves us to tears and creates strong emotion within ourselves even if only being witnessed on a screen. As you go about your day, try to think of cool ways you can see the Hero archetype around you and better understand the emotional pull it has on most of humanity.

  • We see it in the bible as Jesus sacrifices all to show humanity his compassion and love for his fellow humans.
  • We see it in spider man when he gives every ounce of physical strength to save a train full of passengers.
  • We see it in sports when the underdog pushes to the last minute and wins the game at the buzzer. (people behave bizarrely euphoric when this happens by the way)
  • We see it in war heroes returning home to their families after risking it all.

Can you think of any other situations where someone stepping up for humanity has moved you to tears?



I have struggled my whole life with this concept. It may be apparent to some of you following this blog. I can fall out of momentum and go for extended periods of time without taking the proper action that I know will propel me forward to a better lifestyle. This may be to my struggles mastering my momentum system. It is very important that we gain control over this system that regulates our ability and willingness to take action. It may sound a little superstitious but it is hard to explain the internal systems that create the mental space in which one feels more inclined to do difficult tasks as opposed to avoiding them.

Goal Setting

We’ve all heard it said again and again, Time after time, set your goals and aim towards them. You need to have something to aim at, it keeps the anxiety and the unknown at bay. I had never understood or tried this kind of directed focus and implementation until today. I dug up some old school notebooks in my attic and wrote down my goals for the rest of 2019. I gotta say, it felt great looking at my goals written down and not feeling lost and without direction. One of the goals I wrote down is to make at least 5 blog posts on here a week. I don’t really care about followers and becoming popular but it fascinates me to have a place to dump what knowledge I have acquired and my overall perspective on things into the infinite realm of reality that is the internet.

Get out of your head!!

Your brain is pretty much useless when it comes to achieving a more favorable emotional state. The more experience I achieve in getting out of negative emotional loops, the more I realize that it is quite frankly impossible to think yourself out of a negative emotional state. The positive emotion of confidence, peace and tranquility is achieved through a strong connection with the physical realm of oneself. Get active and hit the gym and take tons of action towards your goals and you will feel great. Sit and try to think your way out of things and you will only dig the emotional hole deeper. This is easier said than done. I highly encourage you next time you feel down and out to just take a few steps towards your goals and allow the momentum to pick up slowly. As the days go by and you gain momentum you well be able to perform tasks you had previously only dreamed of achieving.

Be the fool

If there is one fear that has been so deeply ingrained in us over thousands of years, It is the fear of rejection. We all want to do as many things as possible to fit into the pack as best as we can. So you may have wondered, as I did, why this is the case. Well this is a neurological pathway ingrained in you through your DNA. You see we were once a tribe species in which we formed ourselves into small groups of people and helped each other through the realizations of our unique skills. To be rejected or to be set aside from the group meant certain death. One human being could not survive all on their own or even if they did they would not be able to replicate for obvious reasons. Things have, needless to say, changed dramatically from the small tribe formulation of society. Our DNA however has changed very little if not at all. So what we have is a disconnect between what we believe could put us in harms way and the reality of life today. The reality is that nowadays we can afford to play the fool and purposefully put ourselves in the way of rejection and there will be little to no serious consequences. the reality is that by playing the fool and delving into something we are not completely familiar with is the way to go if you truly want to live your life to the full potential that is within you. So play the fool and throw care to the wind, You may end up being a leader of the tribe.

Do it Today Or Never!

There is an idea that I’ve found to be true throughout my entire life. That is the idea that action taking has its own momentum just as not taking action has its own momentum. Therefore, the smallest act of getting something done will bring with it a slight improvement in your getting it done muscle. There is also a synyster little weakling muscle that is geared towards holding you in place and not improving but instead moving backward. Every day you pander to your no action muscle you are making it stronger and thus bringing forth a wave of no progress and little to no improvement in the areas in your life you know you should be taking care of. If you don’t do what you want to do today, chances are you are not just delaying your happiness and fulfillment but you are putting your goals and aspirations in the grave. This is not what you want on your mind in your deathbed and I think we can all agree on that.

Taking Action Is Life Essence

I have throughout most of my youth been a pretty static person. Watching the world pass me by was the default state of mind I would engage in. I had a low level buzz of anxiety in virtually all of my endeavours in life. Nothing came to me spontaneously and no action was ever taken without rigorous mental measurement and calculations made of every outcome as to lessen pain and increase pleasure, Paradoxically this is very counterproductive to improving ones outlook on life and overall internal peace. The art of taking action is the single most important principle for anyone looking to take their life to the next level. Just take action, do what it is you know damn well you’ve been putting off for weeks months and possibly even years, Just do it, Do it now or forever hold your peace as they say.